What is Zizmorcore?

Being a New Yorker means more than just living in the five boroughs. It means having fierce independence and a empathetic heart— one for which kindness overflows, even when niceness does not. 

Being a New Yorker means having strength in the face of uncertainty and resilience in the face of crisis. For many, the city is our heart— and we wear ours on our sleeve. 

As a new, deadly, highly contagious respiratory virus rapidly spread through New York City in March of 2020 like an uncontrollable wildfire, the city that never sleeps shut down abruptly. 

The only signs of life in a metropolis frozen in time were the wails of ambulance sirens on eerily quiet streets as the anxious locked inside days turned into weeks. Small businesses shut their doors, many never reopened. When we emerged from our homes weeks later, New Yorkers were closer then ever— the shared trauma made the city tighter knit— and that’s how Zizmorcore came to be. 

New York’s newest fashion trend was born from the City itself.

Named after the attention-grabbing dermatologist whose subway ads were a mainstay for years and are synonymous with the daily underground commute, Zizmorcore pays tribute to the Big Apple as a style composed of gear sold by authentic New York businesses. 

Some wear their Zizmorcore as a source of community pride— showing they’re all in when it comes to NYC. 

Energized with NYC pride, CityWorn began working on original Zizmorcore inspired by shuttered New York City icons, including those lost before and during the Covid-19 Pandemic.